Project Description

Support software and web components to help learn to play and practice the bass music instruments such as the bass fiddle, guitar, lute, harp, and drum.

The double bass (contrabass) is the lowest sounding member of the violin family of string instruments. A related (descendant) instrument is the bass guitar, fretted or fretless. There are some similarities that justify having support for the bass guitar in this project: string names are the same, some double bass players are also bass guitar players, the learning and practice needs are similar (regular practice, performance, work with percussionists, ...). Although western music finds the guitar very attractive, the rest of the world (most of the world's population it could be argued), still prefer all the variations of the much richer (and more culturally meaningful) Veena, Tanpura, Shamisen, Oud (Rubab, western Lute), Harp, Lyre (Begena) and fiddles (Rebab, Erhu, Hardanger fiddle...). So I invite you all practitioners of these fine instruments to help out, if you find this project useful.

Bass instruments
When you search for double bass you will often hit resources provided by drummers, not string players. To cater for this audience too, there will also be some support for the double (bass) low drum, part of the percussion family of instruments, as bass strings and percussions often go together well in a band or orchestra. In this area as well, most of the world percussion is tailored to each region and people: my personal favourite are the tabla (in particular the low drum and its language) and the massive African talking drums.

This project is currently in definition and setup mode. All visitors and potential contributors are welcome.
The specification for a first initial application is now available: a modern instrument tuner software. The current step in the process is: storyboarding for the user interface and features.

House Sorting Hat Game

Before this project starts, a challenge: the House Sorting Hat Game.

House Rules

Please post on the forum before requesting a role in this project. Also state what capacity you are applying for: Developer, Editor, Coordinator.

Work in your own area on your computer, put proposed work in your own CodePlex or GitHub, communicate with other collaborators to avoid duplication of efforts, share learning outcomes.

Master Plan

Start simple, get code out for people to play with, stay strong (fully tested) and well defined.

The first source code project is a HTML JavaScript dashboard for the learner, titled "bass is your friend". The first feature of this web page will be a bass tuner (New feature proposal: bass tuner), currently in design phase. This is in specification phase, see the documentation tab.

Please read the documentation, and participate in the discussions.


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